Engagement Rings/Bands

Falling in love is a wonderful experience. When two people say, “I do”, they honor their relationship with a lasting bond.  That bond can be symbolized with rings.  The jewelry designers we represent are specially selected for their unique vision and top-flight craftsmanship.  Our accent diamonds are always beautifully matched, cut, and polished to the highest standards for maximum brilliance.

When you buy your diamond ring from Dearborn Jewelers, you get more than personal attention during the buying process.  We custom-fit every ring for superb comfort, and we will provide a complimentary rhodium-plating of your 14 karat or 18 karat gold engagement ring just before your wedding.  You can always get your rings custom-cleaned, checked, and polished for free.

Classic. Sophisticated. Stylish. Sexy. Elegant. At Dearborn Jewelers we make sure your engagement and wedding rings are a reflection of you and your relationship – unique and beautiful.



Some of our engagement and wedding rings for women:

Lazare Diamond Rings in Michigan