A pearl is mysterious, sensuous, and seductive. When a tiny sphere of natural material is inserted into an oyster’s shell, the oyster surrounds the sphere with iridescent nacre to give us the most luminous of gemstones…the Cultured Pearl. A wide range of pearl shapes, sizes, colors and lusters include Akoya saltwater, freshwater, Mabe, Tahitian Black, South Sea, and Keshi pearls. These are not just your grandmother’s pearls. The incredible array of colors and textures available in today’s market makes pearls the perfect fashion accessory for every lifestyle.

At Dearborn Jewelers, every pearl must pass the most critical test – our buyer. Teri is a true connoisseur of cultured pearls. She has an uncanny ability to hand-select only the most rare and beautiful cultured pearls. Stop in and she’ll teach you what it means when a pearl is “winking” at you.