What’s a Gemstone Roundtable? Would I want to go to one?

If you love gemstones, ask your jeweler if he/she hosts roundtable events.  These are usually evening events that last 2 – 3 hours, taking place after your jewelry store closes.  Food and drink are often served, and you are introduced to a gemstone expert.  This expert shares knowledge and stories about gemstones and the gemstone industry.  Sitting at a, usually rectangular, table, guests are given the chance to see, touch, and dib on approximately 100 different gemstones.  Dibbing simply means that you would like another look at that gemstone after it has gone around the table.  These gemstones are for sale, but there is never an obligation to buy.  The goal is to have fun learning about and playing with gemstones.

More people want to be involved in the making of their jewelry.  Mountings can mask flaws of gemstones, so it’s to the buyer’s advantage to see gemstones un-mounted.  And mountings can be unique if you work with a custom designer.  On-staff designers are generally at the roundtable event and they can help you with ideas for any gemstone you select for purchase.  The whole process of 1) picking out the gemstone; 2) deciding on a design; and 3) having the piece made by your local jeweler is a memorable one.

Dearborn Jewelers recently hosted a roundtable event with gemstone dealer, Judith Whitehead.  Our next event will be in September.  If you are interested in attending, give us a call and we can put you on the list.  It promises to be a great time.



News & Events

News & Events



  • History About the Town – June 19 – September 11: Walking activity that guides visitors through Plymouth and teaches about our rich history. Prizes (Plymouth gift cards) will be drawn weekly from all the previous week’s entries.
  • Visit the Plymouth Historical Museum’s special exhibit: “Celebrating Plymouth – 150 Years”. Visit plymouthhistory.org for details and hours.
  • Kids Activity at Plymouth District Library: Collage of what kids love about Plymouth and can sign a huge “Happy Birthday Plymouth” birthday card to be carried in Fourth of July Parade.
  • “Celebrating Plymouth History” Video: Video will be shown several times at the Penn Theatre in late summer/early fall with post-viewing parties.

More info. About Plymouth’s 150th Celebration can be found at: http://downtownplymouth.org/232/Plymouths-150th-Celebration


For the month of July, Dearborn Jewelers has selected the Monroe Center for Healthy Aging as its charity of the month.  Three dollars of every $10 watch battery will be collected for this fine organization.  It is nationally accredited by the National Institute of Senior Centers and the National Council on Aging.  Some of the programs offered by the center are Tai Chi classes, free internet access, legal or support services, and even weekly Brain Aerobics!  For more information on this organization, visit their site at www.monroectr.org.


For the month of August, Dearborn Jewelers is donating $3 of every $10 watch battery to Angels of Hope.  This fine organization is committed to making a difference in the lives of Michigan children and those who love and care for them as they battle cancer.  Cancer just doesn’t impact the patient, it impacts the entire family.  In order to fulfill the needs and give assistance to families who suffer from cancer, Angels of Hope has created and developed several programs, such as Kids First, Lasting Memories, and the Smiles Programs.  To learn more, visit their website at http://www.angelsofhope.org/



Our next Appraisal Clinics with Graduate Gemologist, David Beyer,  will be held on Saturday, August 19th,  2017.  Is your insurance company asking for a new appraisal?  Call  us at 734-737-9525 to schedule your appointment.  The next appraisal clinic is scheduled for Saturday, September 16th.


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