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stackables-blogSTACKABLES are in fashion!  People like to stack bracelets, necklaces, and even rings.  This trend has led to thinner, smoother styles that stack easily.  The picture above features “bamboo” bangles from Thistle and Bee.  The agates and topaz stones can be easily offset so the bangles fit nicely together.

In reading articles from Huffington Post and Harper’s Bazaar,  I learned that stacking is rather an art form.  It strives for a carefree feeling, fun and not too heavy. If you are stacking necklaces, stick to thinner chains, smaller pendants or charms, and only a few small stones or beads.  It’s best if you stagger the lengths and not wear anything too chunky.  If it’s rings you want to stack, try mixing metals and textures.  Again, it’s best if the rings have flat edges and small, single, or no stones.  Keep your stacked rings to one finger per hand.  It’s just as important to have fingers bare, so that the eye goes to the stack.   Bracelets, on the other hand, can be wide and bold.  The more, the merrier with these!  You can dress up both arms and stack them to your elbows if you want.  Mixing a couple of different metals is fun, and using different shapes and thicknesses is preferred.  The main caution is to minimize other types of jewelry if you’re wearing a lot of bracelets.

ROSE GOLD is quite the rage!  This alloy of gold and copper is not just for the strawberry blonde.  Some people say it looks great on those with a warm skin tone–think peaches and autumn.  But other people say it looks wonderful on those with a cool skin tone–think strawberries and summer.  Obviously, rose gold is a lot more versatile than one might think.  Rose (or pink) gold looks fabulous with the vintage ring styles that are popular right now.  It has a delicate femininity that coordinates with the vintage look.

CIGAR BANDS are an up and coming trend, according to David Connolly.  These are wider than the traditional wedding band, and they can be ornate or simple.  Think of years back, when men proposed to the women they loved with an actual paper cigar band!  Years ago we had a client who kept the paper her husband had used to propose and, decades later,  had us custom make a gold version of it.  She was ahead of her time!  Or maybe it’s just that trends operate with the “what goes around, comes around” philosophy.

Trends are fun to observe, even if you don’t want to follow them.  They are more obvious if you know what to look for.  For instance, the Pantone Color of the Year is Marsala, so make sure to look for it this fall!  If you pay attention to people’s jewelry, you’ll see more stackables and rose gold.  Have fun and don’t forget to see our selection of rose gold and stackable jewelry!

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